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Currently the school population is about 327 students.  The school has so many positive aspects.  The teaching staff – Kindergarten Assistants, Teachers & LSAs – work in harmony for the needs and aspirations of the learners.  The SMT is delighted to work with the teaching staff to address different and sometimes difficult issues. At our school we recognise the important role which parents have to play in their child’s education and development. The staff and the SMT are committed to take our school forward and to build on past successes. We understand that this involves a lot of hard work and dedication. This cannot be done without the parents’ help and continuous support. 

School management

  • Joseph Mifsud, Head of School

    Joseph Mifsud

    Head of School
  • Mario Bezzina, Assistant Head

    Mario Bezzina

    Assistant Head
  • Clare Muscat, Assistant head

    Clare Muscat

    Assistant head
  • Marisa Cauchi, Assistant Head of School

    Marisa Cauchi

    Assistant Head of School

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