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St Thomas More College offers an educational experience for students from the age of 3 up to 16 years.  The catchment area includes Marsaxlokk, Marsaskala, Zejtun, Fgura, Tarxien and Santa Lucija. The College's population , which currently stands at 4,700 students are following the different programmes in our Primary , M iddle and Senior schools.  The College offers also specialised programmes at the Boys' Learning Centre; and an Alternative Learning Programme, for Year 11 students, who have an aptitude to applied learning.  We are committed in offering a high quality education, supported by a team of professionals, which is inspired by teh values of respect, equity and social  justice. 

School management

  • George Psaila, College Principal

    George Psaila

    College Principal
  • Horace Gauci, Prefect of Discipline

    Horace Gauci

    Prefect of Discipline
  • Gianella Aloisio, College Career Advisor

    Gianella Aloisio

    College Career Advisor
  • Desiree' Damato, Career Advisor

    Desiree' Damato

    Career Advisor
  • Patricia Camilleri, Psychotherapist

    Patricia Camilleri

  • Deborah Attard, Counsellor

    Deborah Attard

  • Pamela Cuschieri, Counsellor

    Pamela Cuschieri

  • Erika Muscat Genovese, Psychologist

    Erika Muscat Genovese

  • Heather Briffa, Support Social Worker

    Heather Briffa

    Support Social Worker
  • Claire Casingena, Social Worker

    Claire Casingena

    Social Worker
  • Amy Bondin, Social Worker

    Amy Bondin

    Social Worker
  • Horace Ebejer, Precincts Officer

    Horace Ebejer

    Precincts Officer

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