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The school building was refurbished three years ago in order to accomodate a new Middle School. It received the first cohort of Form 1s in Scholastic Year 2014-2015.
School facilities

School facilities

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
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School management

  • Michael Vassallo, Head of School

    Michael Vassallo

    Head of School
  • Stephen Micallef, Assistant Head

    Stephen Micallef

    Assistant Head
  • Sergio Callus, Assistant Head

    Sergio Callus

    Assistant Head
  • Geraldine Vella, Assistant Head

    Geraldine Vella

    Assistant Head
  • Audrey Abela D'amato, Assistant Head of School

    Audrey Abela D'amato

    Assistant Head of School

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