The  Government has received 10 new scholarships from the American University of Malta (AUM), amounting to more than 300,000, and will be offering them immediately to students in Malta, creating more opportunities at an undergraduate and post-graduate level.

This is the delivery of part of the agreement signed by both parties for the largest ever foreign investment in the education sector in Malta - 120 million.

The decision that Malta should have another university is in line with the Government’s pledge of guaranteeing pluralism in the higher education sector, in particular that of tertiary students. The scholarship awardee students will join the first intake at the AUM building in Cospicua next month. 

A broader choice of undergraduate and graduate courses for our students means more young people will be prepared to enter the workforce. The unemployment rate is already the lowest ever recorded and the Government is committed to continue investing in education and offering more scholarships.

The 10 scholarships cover four courses: ‘Bachelor of Science in Accounting’, ‘Bachelor of Science in Business Administration’ and ‘Bachelor of Science in Game Development,' which programs are spread over four years and a 'Master in Business Administration' on a part time or full time basis.

The Government will also be providing stipends to the ten students awarded the scholarships.

Applications for these scholarships are open until 31 August 2017 at Noon.

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Applications have now closed.