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N.B. This application is solely intended for Non-State Schools and Childcare Centres ONLY.

ONLY persons who have been called to sit for an interview for a specific vacant post with an education institution may apply.

Details of Applicant

*I.D. Number / Passport Number:

Childcare Centre

Non-State School

ONLY persons who have been called to sit for an interview to fill a vacant post within a Non State School Institution may apply.

Regrettably, you cannot proceed further with your application

*Telephone Number:
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Vacant Post applied for

Interested applicants will be considered for supply grades in case the qualifications are not sufficient to satisfy the eligibility criteria of regular grades.

NO accreditation letter is required by Post-Secondary institutions for the following subjects:
Classical Studies
Eng Drawing and CAD
Environmental Science
Systems of Knowledge
Theatre and Performance


Educational Institution where applicant will be sitting for an interview

* Email address of the Educational Institution

Date of the Interview (dd/mm/yyyy)